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Statement on Today's Public Land Use Hearing on Rikers Zoning Law Changes

Statement from Former Prosecutor and Queens Borough President Candidate Jim Quinn on the City’s Proposed Zoning Law Changes on Rikers Island

January 30, 2020... “It’s a slap in the face to the residents of Queens that not one other candidate in the race for Borough President showed up to today’s Land Use Public Hearing this morning at Queens Borough Hall to listen or speak about the plan to restrict Rikers zoning to a non-detention facility, which would have tremendous impact on our borough. I was the only candidate to speak at the hearing against the City's plan."

“Mayor De Blasio and the City Council’s plan to rezone Rikers Island to prohibit building detention facilities is political, nonsensical and shortsighted. Once again, they are putting their radical politics above common sense and public safety. This ill-conceived plan at best ignores all realities of the city’s jail needs today and in the future, and at worst is part of their ultimate goal of releasing more criminals from jail without bail."

“My radical opponents Costa Constantinides, Donovan Richards and Elizabeth Crowley, all embracing closing Rikers Island will only mean two things: larger jails in the heart of our communities and more dangerous career criminals being released without bail--both of which would be an unmitigated disaster."

“After decades of successfully reducing crime, it’s now on the rise as a result of bail reforms. Rather than continue to release even more serious offenders and house the jail population in the middle of our neighborhoods, we should be working to study how to transform Rikers Island into a world-class jail--on Rikers Island."

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