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Statement from Queens Borough President Candidate Jim Quinn on Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order Can

“Late last night, we learned by reading the Governor’s new Executive Order about absentee ballots that the special election for Queens Borough President was canceled prior to any public mention or discussion. The voters of Queens have been subjected to confusing, vague and legally questionable edicts surrounding this election since the pandemic began. The protection of our democracy must endure no matter the challenges, and there is no good reason why this election couldn’t have been conducted in a way that protects public health and the rights of voters. Almost 8,000 voters signed petitions to get me on the ballot. That has been wiped away by the governor's action. Tens of thousands of others signed petitions for other candidates. That has been wiped away also. 

“This outcome particularly disenfranchises Republicans, Conservatives and independents, who have now been prohibited from voting to elect their borough president on June 23rd. There is still a borough-wide Democratic primary being held on the same day. The Borough President election was designed to be a non-partisan election to fill the vacancy. The Governor's action is clearly designed to give the Democrat machine candidate the best chance of winning. It is crass political gamesmanship being disguised as a public safety move.

“The Citizens Union, the Campaign Finance Board, the Mayor and 5 of the 6 candidates for Borough President recommended holding the special election and extending the term of the Borough President. A day after extolling the importance of the right to vote in our democracy, the governor sided with the Queens Democrat machine and eliminated the right to vote for non-Democrats.

“Queens, a county of 2.5 million people, will now have an un-elected Borough President for a year. This is a municipal election that legally should be decided by the Mayor who must speak out against this abuse of power. The people of Queens have waited long enough to elect their borough president and they must not be denied this right at the hands of a governor who is acting like an emperor.

"We are weighing our options and we are exploring challenging the Governor's order in court.”

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