Statement from Jim Quinn on NYPD Shootings

Statement from Former Prosecutor and Candidate for

Queens Borough President on the Recent NYPD Shootings

February 9th, 2020

"My prayers are with the wounded officers, their families and the entire NYPD.

"An attack on law enforcement is an attack on civilized society. It is also a reminder of the dangerous job that the brave police officers of New York City have and the risks they, and all citizens, face from an increasingly violent city and the dangerous bail ‘reform’ laws.

"The suspect in custody is a career criminal with three prior violent felony convictions who has served over 17 years in state prison for various violent felonies, including attempted murder and robbery. If he were still on the street and arrested in someone's home during a burglary or robbery, the judge would be required by law to release the suspect on his own recognizance. That is ludicrous.

"I have spent my life working to help make our city the safest big city in America and we have worked too hard to let it devolve into lawlessness and anarchy. These attacks, as well as a rising crime rate, are a painful consequence of irresponsible rhetoric, failed policy, and failed leadership. These laws must change, and I will fight to ensure they do."

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