Quinn: Donovan Richards' Attacks on NYPD Outrageous; Doubles Down on Lawlessness Amid Crime Spike


Attacks NYPD, Refuses to Acknowledge Facts About Impact of Dangerous Bail “Reforms” 

Queens, NY--February 7th...City Councilman Donovan Richards is doubling down on lawlessness despite a troubling increase in crime announced by the NYPD earlier this week, former prosecutor and fellow candidate for Queens Borough President Jim Quinn today charged. 

Earlier this week, the NYPD announced its latest crime statistics showing an overall increase of 17% as well as sharp increases in shootings (50%), robbery (30%), car theft (70%), and transit crime (20%) to name a few. Law enforcement attributed the increases to the recently enacted “bail reforms” that started releasing criminals without bail in November of last year. 

In response to the newly revealed statistics, Donovan Richards sent a letter attacking the NYPD and accusing them of dishonesty for issuing warnings about the serious impacts of the new law. 

“Donovan Richards attacking the NYPD and accusing them of dishonesty is an outrage,” said former career prosecutor and candidate for Queens Borough President Jim Quinn. “Law enforcement from across the state of New York warned about the consequences of their bail ‘reforms,’ but radical politicians like Donovan Richards didn’t care--they were only concerned with their extreme political agenda that puts criminals over law-abiding citizens. People are being hurt, yet he still refuses to acknowledge the facts.” 

Quinn pointed out the falsehoods in Richard’s letter, highlighting that the 84 crimes they reference were just those crimes they were actually proven to have committed, which would translate to 1,000 annually.

Quinn also pointed to the defendants who had been released under the RFK Jr Foundation who bailed out 20 people from Queens in November 2018. A year later, 85% of them had been re-arrested or skipped bail. 

He concluded, “Our next Borough President should be someone who can stand up to these reckless, radical policies, not help enact them. I am the only candidate in this race with the experience to keep Queens families safe.” 

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