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Quinn Calls on Donovan Richards to Apologize to NYPD



“Words Matter and the NYPD Needs Our Support, Not Baseless Attacks”

Queens, NY--February 10th...Former career prosecutor and candidate for Queens Borough President Jim Quinn today called on Donovan Richards to issue a public apology to the NYPD and Commissioner O’Shea for his baseless attack last week following the NYPD’s release of increased crime statistics and warnings about the impact of the new bail laws.

Quinn, who served as Executive Assistant ADA under former Queens DA Richard Brown and was in charge of the ‘career criminals’ bureau where he successfully prosecuted some of the city’s most dangerous criminals, has long warned about the impact the new bail laws would have on crime rates. Last week, the NYPD announced its latest crime statistics showing an overall increase of 17% as well as sharp increases in shootings (50%), robbery (30%), car theft (70%), and transit crime (20%) to name a few. Law enforcement attributed the increases to the recently enacted “bail reforms” that started releasing criminals without bail in November of last year. In response to the newly revealed statistics, Donovan Richards sent a letter attacking the NYPD and accusing them of dishonesty for issuing warnings about the serious impacts of the new law.

“The assassination attempts on members of our police force this weekend are a direct result of anti-cop rhetoric and dangerous policies that embolden criminals,” said Mr. Quinn. “Words matter and the NYPD needs our support, not baseless political attacks. Police Commissioner Shea is one of the most dedicated public servants I have ever met. His concern in bringing these statistics to the attention of the public is for the safety of the people of this city. Mr. Donovan owes him and the entire NYPD a public apology for his baseless accusation.”

Quinn noted that the suspect in the assassination attempt had three prior violent felony convictions for Attempted Murder, Robbery and gun possession, and had served almost 20 years in state prison. Under the new bail laws, had he been arrested for a residential burglary, a judge would have been required to release him.

Quinn pointed out the falsehoods in Richard’s letter, highlighting that the 84 crimes they reference were just those crimes these defendants were actually re-arrested for after their release. If that rate alone were to keep up, the number would reflect at least 1,000 re-arrests of these released defendants annually.

Quinn also noted: “These defendants don’t get arrested every time they commit a crime. In between arrests, after they are released yet again under these new bail laws, they go back to their chosen profession, which is crime. The Queens defendants who were to be released under the new bail laws had an average of 13 prior arrests and 8 prior convictions. What do you think they are doing on the street?”

“Crime has been going down in New York City literally for decades. Now, after 3 months of releasing car thieves, burglars and drug dealers under the new bail laws, car theft, burglary and shootings are going up. And Donovan Richards can’t see a connection?”

Quinn also pointed out that, according to NYPD statistics, 96% of the shooting victims in NYC in 2018 were people of color, as were 87% of the murder victims and 70% of robbery victims.

“Our legislators need to spend more time thinking about crime victims, who are overwhelmingly people of color, rather than bemoaning the plight of their tormentors. It’s time to stop playing radical politics with public safety and elect new leaders who stand for common sense policies that support our brave men and women in uniform and keep residents safe.”

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