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Corrections Officers Benevolent Association Endorses Jim Quinn for Borough President


“Jim Quinn is the only candidate who will protect public safety and

quality of life for Queens residents”

Queens, NY--February 13th...Career prosecutor and candidate for Queens Borough President Jim Quinn today received the influential law enforcement endorsement of the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association (COBA).

The New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association is the second largest municipal jail union in the nation and the second largest law enforcement union in New York City representing 9,000 officers who patrol the city’s jails.

The endorsement was made at the site of the proposed Queens jail project as part of the city’s deal to close Rikers island. Jim Quinn who spent 42 years in the Queens District Attorney’s office and served as Executive Assistant ADA under DA Richard Brown is the only candidate in the race who opposes closing Rikers, building a jail in Queens and the new bail reform laws.

Both COBA President Elias Husamudeen and Mr. Quinn oppose closing Rikers Island and have long called for improving safety measures there by turning it into a world-class facility that protects both corrections officers and inmates. They noted the city’s plan to close Rikers is dependent upon reducing the inmate population to roughly 3,000 through the recently enacted bail “reforms.” Of the city’s annual arrests, approximately 40,000 are rearrested from two to seven times annually.

“The location of a jail doesn’t determine how safe a jail is, it’s the management policies that determine how safe a jail is,” said COBA President Elias Husamudeen.

“The City’s $10 billion plan to close Rikers Island and to build four new jails in the boroughs ignores the irrefutable statistics on jail violence, which has increased steadily over the past four years, including at our current borough facilities. The future of Queens starts with a safe Queens, and that’s why we are proud to enthusiastically endorse Jim Quinn to be the next Borough President.”

He continued, “Jim has spent his entire career dedicated to the safety and security of Queens residents and has always appreciated the role our members play in maintaining public safety. He is running for Queens Borough President because he understands the impact these radical proposals will have on this community. He is the only candidate in the race who has vowed to stop the construction of this jail and to protect the safety, as well as the quality of life of all Queens residents. We urge everyone who values safe communities to vote on March 24th for Jim Quinn, the only candidate for Queens Borough President whose commitment to public safety is second to none.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to receive the support of New York City corrections officers,” said Mr. Quinn. “I know firsthand that these men and women have one of the most dangerous jobs in the city, but every day they answer the call to duty. Out of touch politicians like Mayor de Blasio and the radical City Council are more concerned with their political agenda than doing what’s best for public safety. If I am elected, I pledge to the people of Queens that I will not allow this dangerous, ill-conceived jail to be built in the heart of our community. This endorsement sends a loud and clear message that we are on the side of safety and common sense.”

“I’m pleased to join President Husamudeen, our corrections officers and my good friend, Jim Quinn to echo my support,” said City Councilman Bob Holden. “Our city is at a crossroads and if we don’t fight against these radical proposals, our jobs and our residents are going to flee the city. I’m working hard in the City Council, but I need a partner in the Queens Borough President who can help, and the only candidate in the race who has the experience and the backbone to help me is Jim Quinn.”

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