An Important Message From Jim Quinn

Dear Friend,

On January 2, 2020, I announced my candidacy to run in the non-partisan special election for Queens Borough President and it is with great disappointment that I must announce today my campaign has come to an end because we were unable to get the election restored in court.

I felt strongly that the Governor’s outright cancellation of the election was a drastic and unnecessary action that overstepped his emergency powers, which is why we chose to challenge it in court. While the judge agreed with the merits of our case, the court didn’t think the election could be executed in such a tight time frame.

While I strongly disagree and believe this decision disenfranchised Queens voters who have a right to an elected borough president before January 2021, at this point further legal action would be futile and we must accept the judge’s ruling.

While we may not have won this battle, I am enormously proud of the campaign we ran and the critical public safety issues we advanced. I got in this race because I was deeply concerned about the direction our borough and our city is going in. I have dedicated my career to helping make this city a safe place where we can live, work and raise our families. In a short time, I saw all of the progress we made unraveling at warp speed in favor of a radical political agenda that put dangerous career criminals back on our streets and a 30-story jail in the heart of our borough.

This campaign allowed me to take my 40 years of law enforcement experience directly to the people of Queens who agreed with our law and order message. We crisscrossed the borough, attending debates, meetings, conducting media interviews and visiting senior centers. The response we got was incredible, and my only regret is that the people of Queens will not have a borough president who will make these issues a priority.

I want to thank each and every one of you - our petition gatherers, who in just two weeks secured nearly 8,000 petition signatures--four times the number we needed, our generous donors who helped us qualify for public matching funds, and our great army of volunteers who made calls, posted on Facebook and went door-to-door. You all played an invaluable role in our effort.

I also want to offer my special thanks to Joann Ariola and the Queens GOP, Tom Long and the Queens Conservative Party, former State Senator Serf Maltese, City Councilman Bob Holden and Elias Husamudeen, President of the NYC Corrections Officers Union who endorsed my campaign and did so much to help along the way.

No one could have anticipated that a global pandemic would strike our nation and bring catastrophic devastation to our city. The pain of stolen lives and lost livelihoods is felt by so many and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected.

While we all seek to safely reopen, rebuild and restore our lives, please know that I will not stop fighting for public safety and the criminal justice issues we talked about in this campaign.

I am as energized as ever by all of you - the extraordinary people I have met throughout this journey--people from all walks of life who are dedicated to the betterment of your communities. You have no expectation of reward other than the satisfaction that your actions have improved the lives of your neighbors. It has been my honor and pleasure to have been given the opportunity to fight for the causes we all believe in. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for your friendship and support.


Jim Quinn

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